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Your Counselors

See our counselors who’ve transformed their bodies – seeing results in ways they thought they wouldn’t.

Counselor – Mary Ogles

Hello, I`d like to welcome you to New Vision Weight Loss. As a weight loss counselor here at New vision Weight Loss, I`ve been happy to be a part of many of my client`s successful weight loss I`d like to share why I chose to work here: In 2017, after having my second child, I struggled with my weight. I went through difficult times dealing with personal issues, and I turned to food to soothe myself. I watched my weight climb. I basically self-medicated with food. When I reached 200 lbs I hit my breaking point. I realized I was tired, unhappy, and most importantly, out of love with myself. I knew I had to make a change. I no longer wanted to be embarrassed by my body. I decided to start my weight loss journey, and made an appointment at New Vision weight loss. Since joining the program, I have dropped 76lbs! I feel on top of the world I am finally back to feeling like me again! Mary Ogles

Counselor – Mia Robinson

Are you ready to lose weight? I`d like to personally share with you my experience here at New Vision Weight Loss, and explain why I think we can help you as well: About one year ago, I realized being overweight was no longer an option for me. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 309 lbs! It was at that moment I decided to make some serious changes. One Friday evening, I decided to search the web for some local weight loss doctors, and I came across New Vision Weight Loss. After trying so many different weight loss programs and fads, I made the decision to invest in myself and join their program. Being overweight had been a struggle for me since I was a child, but, after one year of hard work, dedication, and the amazing team here at New Vision Weight Loss, I’m proud to say I’ve loss 112lbs! Not only have I gained confidence I never knew existed, I also gained knowledge, behavior modification techniques, and so much more from this program as a whole. I was so inspired by my personal journey I decided to the join weight loss team after eight months, and start my career as a Weight Loss Counselor, so that I too could be a help to others like myself in achieving their goals. My life goal is for people to understand that we can be well and healthy. Feel free to come in and speak to me so I can help you reach your fitness and wellness goals! Sincerely, Mia Robinson

Office Manager – Valerie Shumate

Hello, my name is Valerie Shumate. I would like to welcome you to New Vision Weight Loss. I have been affiliated with the weight loss center since its conception in 2006 and have been office manager of the center for the past several years. Our center offers a friendly and encouraging environment to aid in your weight loss journey. We have plans to fit all lifestyles. And YES they do work! I lost 32 lbs using one of our programs 12 years ago and have successfully kept the weight off. Of course, with life there have been a few minor weight gains since the initial weight loss (5-7lbs at most) but with the knowledge I gained from the program, I have always been able to get those few pesky pounds back off! The New Vision Staff is top notch. They are well educated in our programs, plans and products. The counselors also relate on a personal level as they too have struggled with their weight and in turn have utilized our programs and lost weight successfully! Our mission is to help people live a healthy and active life. We are here to offer a positive atmosphere as we understand that mindset is crucial to a successful outcome. If you have “tried everything” and still feel at a standstill, then let our office be the last thing you “try”. We will guide and encourage you every step of the way until you reach your weight loss goal! With the knowledge you gain from our programs you will not have to “try” to lose weight again, so let’s get started!

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